Life Accomplishments: Multipotentialite Series

This is another post inspired by Barbara Sher’s book Refuse to Choose. I’ll be doing a few of these, as it’s one of my favorite books for multipotentialites, and it has so much practical advice. In the book, she asks readers to make a list of everything they’ve done in their lives (read my review). The reason is that… Read More Life Accomplishments: Multipotentialite Series

Refuse to Choose by Barbara Sher: Book Review

After I first discovered I was a Multipotentialite, I read a lot of books about it. One of my favorites is Refuse to Choose by Barbara Sher. Multipotentialites, In Brief A multipotentialite (Sher calls them Scanners*) is someone who has multiple, often disconnected interests. And that’s it. The definition is pretty straightforward. Probably a lot more people… Read More Refuse to Choose by Barbara Sher: Book Review